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Intercom Services

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Locksmith Guys in NYC offers intercom installation. The typical intercom system involves the inclusion of a master station, placed in an ideal location, which controls the entire system. For private house this could serve as a control for any surveillance and monitoring systems and for apartments, a form of front door access control for buzzed entry and observation. In addition to the master station, intercom systems require the installation of various substations that the master station will control.


Sometimes there doesn’t need to be an overhaul of the entire system. Just think of it as a face-lift for the entire building. The intercom panel is what people see when they first approach the building. It won’t be appealing to people if the intercom panel is rusted or cracking and names are peeling off.

Intercom Systems

Depending on both the strength of surrounding walls and the presence of existing wiring, wireless intercom systems can be installed in order to avoid complications.  All components of the intercom system including the master station are inherently thin. This structural benefit allows the system to be installed directly on a wall in holes cut or drilled into the wall space. The typical intercom installation requires only a phone wire and a dial up connection, and if a wired setup is preferable, all wiring will be concealed by placing it through the wall and along under-floor joists.

Intercom Repair

Home intercoms can become worn down and damaged over time. When your intercoms no longer function properly, it can impede both the practical efficiency as well as the security of your home. You can prevent this from happening by utilizing the repair skills of the professional technicians at Locksmith Guys. Our skilled technicians have the experience to efficiently and completely repair a wide range of intercom makes and models, guaranteeing your home the absolute best service in the industry.

Intercom Installation

Fast efficient intercom installation service for residential homes and apartments
Weather resistant outdoor substations Intercoms
Easily manageable and effective intercom systems
Buzzer and surveillance systems
Installation of Intercom Panels
Excellent performance without the egregious affront of sound feedback
Fully Licensed, Insured and Boned Services Locksmith Company
Management after installation of intercom
A+ Member of Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Installation of IP, phone entry, audio, audio/video, and building intercoms
Features Siedle, Comelit, Aiphone, LeeDan

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Locksmith Guys offers institutional such colleges, universities, hospitals, companies and government facilities locksmith services.

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Locksmith Guys, 24 Hour locksmith in NYC, emergencies car lockout and home key replacement. Offering affordable locksmith services and security system installation in competitive rates. We are a full mobile locksmith company that is available 24 hours a day & 7 days a week.